Hyderabad Food Raids

The Commissioner of Food Safety in Hyderabad recently conducted raids on several well-known outlets including The Rameshwaram Cafe, Baskin Robbins, Karachi Bakery, Taco Bell, KFC, Hard Rock Cafe, and Starbucks Coffee. Here’s what they discovered:

– The Rameshwaram Cafe had expired Urad Dal, Nandini Curd, and Milk, improperly labeled raw rice, white lobia, and unlabelled jaggery. The dustbins were also found uncovered.
– Some outlets stored vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods together in the refrigerator.
– Bahubali Kitchen had cockroach infestations, unhygienic conditions, and water stagnation in the cleaning area.
– Clove Vegetarian Fine Dine had yeast-infected carrots.

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These findings highlight the growing concern about food safety among food lovers in Hyderabad.

Despite its rich history and culture, the city has faced criticism for issues like selling expired food and not maintaining hygiene standards in kitchens.

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To address these concerns, the Food Safety Department has been conducting daily inspections and taking action against violators.

A task force of food safety experts has been shutting down establishments that break the rules, aiming to restore trust in Hyderabad’s food scene and ensure public health.

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Meanwhile, many people are wondering why all of a sudden these sudden raids are happening on hotels and restaurants. They speculate that a political party might be behind them.

However, it’s unlikely that a political party would target small businesses like restaurants. They usually go after bigger fish like corporate companies or real estate owners.

While these raids are positive, some wonder why they’re only in Hyderabad. Unsafe food is a bigger issue in smaller districts of Telangana.

Many folks associate Hyderabad with amazing food, so these raids are damaging its reputation as a food destination.

Despite this, it’s a good thing overall. Other restaurants, out of panic, are massively cleaning up their act to serve safer food after these raids.

These checks need to happen more often, not just in Hyderabad but all over the state, to ensure food safety everywhere.