AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy prides himself on being a poor CM. He publicised the fact that he is not taking any salary as CM. Now, he is projecting himself as a poor CM.

But Jagan was ridiculed by Raghu Rama Krishna Raju who has become an arch rival of Jagan.

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“Our poor CM spends 15 lakh per hour on charter flight while he claims to be a poor man. I don’t know which part of this is poor. I don’t know if Jagan is spending the government’s money on this or if it’s his personal spending.” Raghu Rama said.

The YCP rebel MP commented that the poor CM values that Jagan preaches are in sharp contrast to what he does in reality.

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This is in relation to Jagan’s costly trip to London-France-Switzerland as he is reportedly spending lavishly on this foreign trip. This trip has kept Jagan in poor light as an intense round of criticism followed him after the polls.