It is an open fact that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy created a volunteer system in the name of service to work for YSRCP. There was a lot of fuss about volunteers being stopped from delivering pensions right before the elections.

But look what happened once the elections were over. YS Jagan went all the way to the IPAC office to thank them but did not utter a single word about the five-thousand-rupee salaried temporary employees he created who worked for his party.

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This has upset the volunteers, who are mostly youth, as they are realizing how political leaders use anyone and anything for their benefit.

At this point, when everyone believes that an alliance is forming the government, these volunteers are upset with Jagan for not even mentioning their names anywhere.

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Not just Jagan, but not a single YSRCP leader has mentioned the volunteers since the elections ended.