Ramoji Rao

The results of Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections stunned many. The way people decimated Jagan from 151 seats to just eleven left the heads rolling.

While Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan are the faces of this victory and there is a much bigger face that played an important role in this mayhem.

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It is none other than Ramoji Rao.

Jagan’s father, the Late YSR tried to counter Eenadu and ETV using Sakshi Newspaper and Channel. But Ramoji withstood the onslaught. Even before the scores were level, YSR unfortunately passed away in an accident.

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Later, Jagan took his place. Jagan tried to please Ramoji Rao initially. We have a picture of Jagan greeting with folded hands at a Private Ceremony.

But Ramoji Rao is a principled man and always fought the tyranny of the Government.

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Jagan with the help of Undavalli Arun Kumar tried to hit the financial roots of Eenadu group by targeting Margadarshi.

CID raided on the branches of Margadarshi with an idea to scare the subscribers into asking their money back but nothing happened.

Finally, CID set its foot in Ramoji Rao’s residence in the name of questioning. They troubled him and his daughter-in-law Sailaja a lot.

Jagan stooped to the level of leaking a picture of Ramoji Rao, a man in his 80s on a hospital bed.

Little did Jagan know rubbing Ramoji Rao on the wrong side is his biggest mistake.

Eenadu played a Perfect Opposition to Jagan Mohan Reddy. The tyrannical rule is riddled with blunders and corruption.

Ramoji Rao showed the mirror of what is happening in Andhra Pradesh.

The Media Baron even stopped taking all Government ads and did not bat an eyelid.

Eenadu has immense credibility among the people. Jagan should have know that when none of the subscribers protested before Margadarshi offices despite his harassment.

Ramoji Rao targeted Jagan 10X than the usual times.

Also, the reach of Eenadu is unimaginable. Jagan believed the reach of Sakshi, TV9, and NTV is enough but he only focused on reach but not credibility. All the three media houses combined did not even have a fraction of Eenadu’s credibility.

At the end of the day, he is the Master of This Game!

Jagan learned the lesson the hard way but probably it is too late already.