If the reports emerging from political circles are to be believed, at least 200 polling booths in Telangana may go to re-polling. The election in 10 districts of Telangana took place on April 30th. There were several incidents in which EVMs have gone to Factory mode and had to be reset. State Election Commission had sent polling details and information about these factory mode EVMs to Central Election commission.

ECIL the manufacturer of these EVMs confirmed that they could retrieve the data before the reset. However it is said that Central Election Commission is insisting on a re-polling in these 200 polling booths across the Telangana. On the other side, State election commission and district collectors are saying that it is difficult to convince people and political parties for repoll particularly after more than 10 days of elections. However Central Election Commission is determined for re-polling. If at all the decision is made final, the re-polling in these booths will take place on 12th of this month.