Andhra Pradesh Election Results are creating Tremors in Hyderabad Real Estate now.

Real Estate in any state or city will be booming only when the Chief Minister has Development orientation and Job creation capabilities.

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During 2019-24, Andhra Pradesh under Jagan Mohan Reddy lacked exactly the same and as a result, the Real Estate in Andhra Pradesh recorded a fall while it ushered in Telangana, particularly in Hyderabad.

The prices have fallen and the transactions have stopped in Andhra for the last five years.

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The focus on infrastructure creation in Hyderabad also helped the trend.

But then, things changed so quickly since the elections.

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Congress won Telangana but in less than six months after the elections, BJP registered a stunning rise winning the same number of seats as Congress in the Parliament Elections.

Modi and Shah are known for getting crazy whenever they smell blood in a state.

In all probability, there is a chance of political uncertainty in Telangana in the days to come. That is the biggest red flag for the Real Estate.

At the same time, suddenly things are positive in Andhra, especially Amaravati.

Naidu, the CM designate is known to be Pro-Development. The Jungle clearance works and Road works started even before the Oath-taking ceremony.

Until recently, there were doubts about how debt-ridden Andhra Pradesh can fund Amaravati.

But then, the NDA Government at the Center is dependent on the Sixteen MPs of the Telugu Desam Party. So, there will be ample support from the Central Government as well.

Telugu Real Estate is mostly driven by the NRIs settled abroad. Hyderabad and Amaravati are two popular investment options.

Suddenly, Amaravati looks a better option. There will be a slight price correction as well due to the last five years’ stalemate so, things will be rosy in the coming days.

However, the rapid urbanization of Hyderabad will not lead to a collapse because the Ecosystem support is strong. But Amaravati will definitely pose a challenge in some aspects.