Reddy Community is one of the politically strong communities of Andhra Pradesh. For decades, the Congress party has extensively promoted Reddys’ leadership and the party became the face of Reddys.

The same continued until YSR. But things changed drastically after his demise, Jagan ditched Congress and floated his own party. The Reddy support base of Congress shifted to YSR Congress for the same reason because Congress has no powerful Reddy face.

In Telangana too, there was no iconic mass Reddy leader for Congress.

So, Jagan continued to be an icon despite the fact he had so many corruption allegations. What makes it worse is his oratory skills.

After coming to power, people realized that Jagan could not speak two lines without seeing a paper. We have even seen him struggle in speeches even when reading from a paper.

And then, we have seen him fearing to go people without barricading both sides of the road.

In contrast, Revanth Reddy is a sensational orator.

All of a sudden, the Reddy community got a proper Mass Icon in the form of Revanth Reddy.

He has become a hero of the community for his phenomenal rise from a ZPTC to the Chief Minister. Also, he is the one who resurrected Congress in Telangana from the position of being nowhere three months ago.

All the Karthika Vanabhojanalu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are currently being conducted with pictures of Jagan and Revanth Reddy.

If Jagan loses the 2024 elections, we may even see Jagan’s pictures going off those Banners replaced by Kingsize photos of Revanth Reddy.