Supreme CourtThe Telugu Desam Party is having to wage a legal battle against the YCP government, largely due to the gross misuse of power by the latter.

Coming to the topic, TDP has finally found some relief at the Supreme Court today regarding the Angallu riots case which had been filed against several TDP leaders.

The Supreme Court denied the state government’s plea to cancel the bail for TDP leaders which was issued by the Andhra Pradesh High Court earlier. The court stated they cant intervene with the investigation and undo the HC’s orders at this point in time.

The High Court had issued the bail to TDP leaders who were charged in this case and the AP government challenged this call at the Apex Court, but to no avail. This bail cancelation plea and also 6 other pleas filed by the AP government were struck down by the Apex Court today.

It is known that the AP government has also been trying to frame Chandrababu Naidu in the Angallu case. They are doing all they can to keep CBN in jail as long as they can.