Sajjala Rama Krishna ReddyOne of the main promises of YS Jagan before 2019 elections was that he would impose complete liquor ban in the state once he comes to power.

But that didn’t happen. It has been 4 years since Jagan became the CM and more local liquor brands were bought into the market, let alone banning the liquor in the state.

When asked about the same, Sajjala RamaKrishna Reddy had a strange theory.

“Jagan bought decentralisation of power through the volunteer system and created a canopy that made better education and healthcare a reality. With so much success in his administration, small things like liquor ban are irrelevant,” Sajjala said.

Netizens are now ridiculing that Jagan proudly said he would impose liquor ban in the state but failed miserably at it, and now, Sajjala’s cover up story is that Jagan has done bigger things and that’s why liquor ban is irrelevant. They are commenting that this theory makes no sense.