నవ్విపోదురు గాక నా కేటి సిగ్గు? is a popular phrase in Telugu. It implies someone who has no shame even though their shameless is clearly exposed.

The phrase is appropriate for Sakshi and Blue Media.

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YSR Congress’s Sitting MP Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy and Magunta Sreenivasula Reddy are joining TDP.

Both are strong influential candidates in the Nellore and Prakasam districts. They can change the dynamics in TDP’s favor in these districts.

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Vemireddy and Magunta were in TDP previously and shifted to YSR Congress just before the 2019 elections.

Their defection helped Jagan big time in these districts in the 2019 elections.

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They even funded many YSR Congress candidates in that election.

Now that they left YSR Congress, Sakshi and Blue Media are saying that they can not win and TDP is only trying to extract funds from them.

They also say the Magunta family’s involvement in the Delhi Liquor Scam will affect TDP big time.

Magunta family was in YSR Congress when this news surfaced but Jagan did not take any action.

Suddenly, Sakshi and Blue Media say he is corrupt. The fact is that Magunta’s son turned Approver in the case and is helping the agencies.

Vemireddy and his wife were confirmed tickets in YSR Congress and now they say they can not win.