TDP Motha MogiddhamTelugu Desam Party has called for the ‘Motha Mogiddham’ program in solidarity with Chandrababu Naidu. The party asked people to do sound of any form between 7 PM and 7.05 PM on Saturday (yesterday).

The program was a success and social media was flooded with videos of people participating in the program.

There have been videos of people participating even from neighboring Telangana and Bengaluru.

Sakshi carried an article saying that Motha Mogiddham is a flop. And that is something not unexpected.

However, the article is an indication of a fall in Sakshi’s Editorial standards.

The article says the program is a flop and no one really cared to participate in the program. Under that very caption, they wrote another line saying that the Public was very upset with TDP and its leaders due to the noise pollution created by this program.

On one side, Sakshi says the program is a flop with no participation and in the very article, it says the public is upset with the noise pollution. Obviously, it is contradictory.

We do not expect Sakshi to write facts, especially on something related to TDP but churning out such comedy contradictory stories is ridiculous.

But these things happen when you run a party pamphlet in the name of a Newspaper.