The election season has hit its very peak in Andhra Pradesh with the focus entirely on the big counting day which is on the 4th of June. As the anticipation builds up on the polling day, there are several survey reports that are trending on social media.

Now, a reputed and factually backed Lokniti CSDS has issued a feeler of what’s to come in Andhra Pradesh and it makes for a happy reading for TDP followers.

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Senior psephologist Sanjay Kumar of Lokniti CSDS has projected a clear wave in favor of the TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

“Though BJP is very marginal in Andhra, they were able to form an alliance with Telugu Desam. It is going to be a close battle between TDP and YSRCP but the scales are titled in favour of TDP” the senior observer commented.

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When reputed psephologists who have no stakes in Andhra Pradesh and thus, no affiliation with any party, are projecting a TDP win, it gives a reading of the natural advantage that TDP is having in the elections.

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