Female Voters AP

The polling season has been wrapped up in Andhra Pradesh and the ongoing trend is related to the assessment of the polling patterns. Here’s one such assessment made by a survey agency that analyzed the female voting pattern in Andhra Pradesh.

The findings of this survey is such that we cannot categorize all women voters into a single category; there are different sections among women voters,” the agency said.

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“Just because women stood in long queues to vote, it doesn’t mean that they’re impressed by the YCP government’s schemes. This doesn’t happen in the case of a closely fought election like what is seen in AP.”

“The women belonging to families of Government employees, those hailing from the Kapu community, Vysya women voted for TDP alliance. SC women, ST women, and Reddy women predominantly voted for YSRCP. Again, Urban BC women voted for the TDP alliance.”

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If we divide the female voting pattern into 50% for TDP and 50% for YCP, there’s no chance YCP’s section polled even 1% female votes higher than TDP+.” The agency remarks.

The findings add that YCP doesn’t have any one-sided polarising views on the Jagan government just because they were financially benefited. “For instance, the women in Parvathipuram have a different voting pattern as Hindupur voters. So we can’t take the entire female voting group as one entity.”

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The report confirms that YCP is daydreaming about one-sided polarisation of the female electorate and there’s no way Jagan party polled more female votes than that of the alliance’s.