Shocking! Indian Jailed for Raping Woman He Met on TinderIn a case that has caught the attention of many in the UK and across borders, a Scottish GP, Manesh Gill, of Indian origin, has been sentenced to four years of imprisonment for raping a woman he met on Tinder. Gill happens to be married and a father of three.

The judge who read out the punishment praised the woman for coming out and lodging a complaint against the offender. While Manesh Gill claimed he was a responsible citizen, he was sentenced for violating a woman.

It all began when Manesh Gill met the woman on Tinder, and they decided to meet for drinks at a hotel in Stirling. However, he encouraged her to drink, and when she was tipsy, he asked her to come to her room in the hotel, saying the public toilets were out of order.

Once in the room, the woman who lapsed in and out of consciousness realized Manesh Gill was on her and was having sex with her. Though she tried to get him off her, she could not as she felt she was stuck to the bed.

The High Court in Edinburgh convicted Gill for rape before sentencing him for four years. His name has been added to the sex offenders’ list.