audi car auto inorbit mallTwo friends were fully drunk and were recklessly driving their audi car at full speed and rammed into an auto on Monday early morning near Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. A passenger who was was identified as an employee of Prism Pub was killed on the spot and the driver’s condition is said to be serious.

Both the men fled of the scene. Going into details, on 26th June, Sujith and Ashish attended a party at their guest house besides Ramky Towers. On their way home, both drunk and over speeding hit against an Uber Auto. Umesh is the passenger who lost his life.

Sujith Reddy happens to tbe the son of Srujana High School founder Raghunandhan Reddy. He is pursuing civil engineering in Goa. The car owner is traced with the number and was called for questioning. Raghunandhan Reddy brought his driver, Prabhakar Rao to admit the crime but when his story did not convince the cops, they resorted to scene reconstruction.

When they vsited the crime scene and the wine shop, it was revealed, Sujith is behind the wheel. Raghunandhan Reddy was also booked for trying to implicate his driver in the case. The driver was promised a huge amount of money and also the necessary legal work to secure a bail. All the three were arrested.