Pawan-Kalyan--Jr-NTR-Chandrababu-NaiduAn alliance with Janasena and the association with Junior NTR have been the weaknesses of Telugu Desam Party for a long time. Both the issues troubled the party for so long but TDP seems to have got some clarity on these issues finally.

Chandrababu Naidu, at times, sounded desperate for an alliance with Janasena. That desperation led to extravagant demands by Janasena supporters demanding even CM seat for Pawan Kalyan.

Sensing how desperation can damage, Chandrababu did not even respond to the #MyHandloomMyPride challenge of Pawan Kalyan. There is no panic in TDP camp when Pawan announced he would keep his distance from YSR Congress and TDP.

Last week, BJP pulled off a blinder by having Junior NTR meet Union Home Minister, Amit Shah. There have been disturbances between NTR and Nandamuri family/TDP for quite some time.

But both of them can not ignore each other for obvious reasons. NTR getting close to BJP should naturally send shockwaves to the TDP camp. It did too. But then, there are no extravagant or desperate responses from the party.

Except for the random and non-sensational comments of a couple of leaders, TDP managed to give an impression that it is not so worried about this development. Media also carried the issue for a day and let it go after TDP’s casual response.

TDP has shown maturity in dealing with both issues.