Telangana-BJP-MP-Soyam-Bapu-RaoThe YCP-led Andhra Pradesh government had been facing a lot of criticism from political parties and also the common public over the poor condition of the roads across the state.

Now, Bapu Rao, a BJP MP from Telangana’s Adilabad has trolled the condition of the roads in Andhra Pradesh.

“It took me 3 and a half hours to travel 80 kilometers to Paderu, Aluri district. I thought the situation was worse in my state, Telangana, but it is much more worse here in Andhra Pradesh.” the MP said.

The MP took part in Janajathi Suraksha meeting in Paderu the other day and he stated he doesn’t understand how the people of Andhra Pradesh are traveling on such roads. He termed traveling on AP roads as a ride to hell. He urged CM Jagan to look into the matter.

The fact that a Telangana MP has called out Jagan over the utterly poor condition of roads in AP should poke the AP government in the right area. “We hope the AP government takes this feedback to improve the condition of the roads, instead of enforcing AP MP’s to hit back against Bapu Rao, which serves no purpose” a netizen commented.