Telangana_KCR_Vizag_SteelKCR seems to have made a strategic move to impress the people of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana will participate in the Expression of Interest (EOI) of the Vishaka Steel Plant. Singareni Collieries or Telangana Mineral Development Corporation or Water Resources Department will participate.

The officials of the state will visit the steel plant a day or out.

The Steel Plant recently issued an EOI to make interesting companies as partners for steel and raw material manufacture. Experts see this as the first step for Privatization.

Very recently, Minister KTR openly criticized the Modi Government for trying to privatize Vizag Steel Plant.

BRS will paint itself as Pro-Andhra Pradesh by obstructing the Privatization bid. At the same time, BRS which is interested in Andhra Politics will have an anchoring topic for their campaign.

They can call themselves Champions of Andhra Pradesh’s interests and at the same time, KCR can have the credit of stopping the Privatization which would enhance its image at the National level.

But the big question is if there is sentiment over the steel plant in the people of Andhra Pradesh.

All the political parties did not agitate against the steel plant as much as they should have for various reasons. People also did not show much enthusiasm for hitting the streets.

So, we will have to see if it can be a strong election issue. But the issue is likely to have some impact in Vishaka Parliament.

There are rumors that Former CBI JD Lakshminarayana will contest for Vishaka Parliament as the BRS candidate.

In all probability, KCR will address his first public meeting of Andhra Pradesh in Vishakapatnam.