TRS-Invincible-As-Long-As-KTR-and-Harish-Rao-are-TogetherThings are changing drastically and dramatically in Telangana post the Sensational Victory of TRS in the recent elections. Even before the new cabinet is completely in place, KCR has elevated his son, KTR as TRS Working President indicating that he may be elevated as the Chief Minister very soon.

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That brings the discussion about where Harish Rao fits in the Car. But for now, Harish Welcomed the decision and offered to extend his cooperation to KTR.

KTR and Harish together is a deadly combination for TRS. KTR currently has the sublime following in the Urban Areas while the grip of Harish Rao in the interior Telangana is just amazing. They will create wonderful results for TRS until they are together with the charisma of KCR. It is, for this reason, the distractors of TRS would love to see Harish Rao rebel.

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On the other side, KCR will expand his cabinet on the 17th of this month. Harish Rao is likely to retain his Irrigation Portfolio once again after making some brisk progress of the major projects in the previous tenure. Keeping aside everything just a ministry will definitely do not do justice to the Hard work and Services of Harish Rao to TRS and Telangana Movement.