TRS MLAs Looking To Join CongressWe do not know if it is wishful thinking or if Telangana Congress is trying to portray itself strong. The party’s leader, Revathi claims that several TRS MLAs are in touch with the Congress party and want to join the party at an appropriate time.

“Some of them are TRS MLAs and some of them have previously gone from Congress to TRS. They are now hopeful of Congress’s redemption and are looking to come back. They are struggling in TRS and can not stand the ideology of BJP. Those who previously deserted Congress will be excused,” Revathi said.

Congress cadre is bustling with energy all of sudden after Revanth Reddy is appointed as the PCC President. The cadre which has been totally down ever since the 2018 defeat is hopeful that Revanth Reddy will revive the party. But then, Revanth did not even take the oath, and dreaming already about joinings from TRS may be too early.

Meanwhile, Revanth Reddy will take charge as PCC President tomorrow at Gandhi Bhavan.