If any party is relaxed just before the elections, it is KCR led Telangana Rashtra Samiti. Banking on the Telangana sentiment, the party hopes to cruise to power in the Telangana state very easily. All the surveys predict good performance by TRS but the party is still not confident of forming the government on its own.

Congress Party has the credit of granting Separate Telangana state. There is also a sympathy in the region that Congress had sacrificed its interests in Seemandhra region to grant the Separate state. Hence the party is expected to do well in Telangana. On the other side, BJP is also expecting a handful of seats.

Amid all this headaches the old promise of making a Dalit CM is haunting TRS Party. Manda Krishna Madiga’s Newly formed Socialist Mahajan Party is contesting elections in selected seats. Krishna Madiga is going to elections with Dalit CM card and is ripping TRS apart. He is expected to dent Dalit votes in many constituencies which may prove costly for TRS.