As the date for Telangana Micro Level Survey draws closer, citizens of Telangana are growing anxious. Besides the nativity fears, there are several doubts regarding the survey which even the officials can not answer. GHMC had arranged a 24 hours helpline 040-21111111 to clear the doubts of people over the survey. Here are few questions from the callers which GHMC officials do not have proper answers.

1. Both the parents are dead and their assets are not divided between their children. On whose name the assets have to be declared?

2. If parents and their children live in the same house for now and get divided later, will the government extend welfare schemes to both the families at the later date?

3. Details like PAN Card and Bank Accounts are being sought. What is the guarantee that they will be safeguarded from misuse?

4. Will boycotting or missing the survey for any reason mean that the particular family will be completed removed from all the existing welfare schemes?

Over 369,000 state government employees, including police and teachers, will conduct the survey across 10 districts of Telangana and survey 8.4 million households, according to government estimates. The Telangana government has already issued order allocating Rs.20 crore (Rs.2 crore for each district). Government is planning to wind up the entire exercise in 12 hours (8AM to 8PM on August 19th).