YS Vijayamma

It is known that YS Vijayalakshmi flew to the U.S. right before the poll campaign commenced in Andhra Pradesh with the cited reason being both Jagan and Sharmila going head to head in the polls.

In this context, the latest update is that Vijayalakshmi has sent her wishes to Sharmila right from the U.S.

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A new picture of the YS lady along with Sharmila’s son YS Raja Reddy has been shared on social media. We also see Priya Atluri and Sharmila’s daughter Anjali in this pic.

In this picture, Vijayalakshmi is seen extending her wishes to Sharmila on the occasion of the latter filing her nomination from Kadapa today.

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There has been an increased commotion that Vijayalakshmi has been reduced to a mere photo-op by Jagan Mohan Reddy as whenever he wants to get one over Sharmila he shares a picture of Vijayamma.

Now, Vijayalakshmi sharing a congratulatory post on the occasion of Sharmila filing her nomination has become a talking point.

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