If the result in Seema Andhra is a jhalak for YSR Congress, the lose of YS Vijayamma, honorary President of the party is a big shock. While YSR Congress is confident that rural voters will easily take Vijayamma to victory, she actually faced defeat in the hand of BJP Seema Andhra state President, Kambhampati Hari Babu with a deficit of 90,900 votes. YSR Congress party is depressed by these results and there is not even one leader who is coming out and speaking in media.

Jagan thought this seat will be a cakewalk since TDP is not directly contesting and BJP is almost zero here but he is proved wrong. TDP votes were successfully transferred to BJP in this Parliamentary position. Added to that, the presence of huge urban population and settlers from North India also helped Hari Babu’s victory. Interestingly, all the assembly segments under Vishakapatnam MP seat are also swept by TDP-BJP combine.