ysrcp leaders

The other day, a stone was hurled at YS Jagan Mohan Reddy which left a small bruise on his forehead. YSR Congress immediately pressed its machinery to derive sympathy in the elections.

Sakshi’s Headline today says it – “సీఎం జగన్‌పై హత్యాయత్నం!”

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YSR Congress’s Social Media wing and I-PAC accounts have been on a roll since last night trying to squeeze sympathy. Some over-dramatic videos in which people are seen banging their heads in distress watching the visual on TV are being released.

But given such attempts before the 2019 elections (Kodi Kathi and Viveka Murder), these attempts do not impact the general public much.

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In fact, Social Media and WhatsApp are filled with memes and trolls about these sympathy stunts.

Meanwhile, YSR Congress leaders and some Blue Media Journalists are shedding crocodile tears on this incident. They are demanding empathy in such incidents saying that they should not be politicized.

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But then, Janasena party released a video. The video will shock everyone because YSR Congress leaders are talking so lightly about the stone attack and say it is nothing but a stunt. The normal public would be really confused about this change in them.

But the video is an example of the double-tongue attitude of YSR Congress leaders.

There were four similar stone-pelting incidents at Chandrababu Naidu in the last five years.

Everyone in the YSR Congress has spoken very lightly about them and the video is nothing but a compilation of their responses.

Now, the same people want everyone to speak about Jagan with concern and help build sympathy in the public.