Kalvakuntla KavithaIt is not uncommon for political leaders to sly mud at the media houses that are in affinity with their opposing political camps. But not often do they hype up their own media houses, in order to give a wong implication to the public.

However, BRS’s Kavitha has proved to be different as she has asked her party troops only to follow her party’s news channel and read only their newspaper.

“I am urging you all (TRS supporters) to only open T News channel on YouTube and follow our content. You should knowingly go to the youtube page and follow our stuff. You should then take this content into the public” Kavitha said.

Adding further, Kavitha said “You should also read Namaste Telagana newspaper everyday and know about the good deeds of our government. Dont follow other news channels or read other newspapers. You should follow only our stuff. Only then will we as a party make progress”.

Kavitha concluded that the BRS troops should be in sync with the government and the best way to do it is avoid other channels and only follow T News, which is of course operated by Kavitha herself.