What is that Pawan Kalyan Trying To Hide From the People?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan Backed Out of Telangana Assembly Elections. Pawan Kalyan in a Press Note informed people that his party was totally taken back by the early elections and so was unprepared. He promised the people that his party will begin preparation for the Parliament elections from now itself.

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This will also mean that Pawan Kalyan has not contested a single election since his Political Debut in 2009. Even if we discount the Praja Rajyam Stint, his Janasena Party formed in 2014 did not fight a single election. Since 2014, we have seen the Assembly Elections of AP and Telangana, Parliament Elections, GHMC Elections, By-Elections in AP and Telangana and now the Assembly Elections of Telangana in 2018.

Pawan Kalyan may want his party to be as a Surprise Element for 2019 Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. It is the only election where he sees future for himself and Janasena. But then, this skipping of elections will mean that Pawan Kalyan himself will not know his electoral strength.

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Pawan Kalyan may be hiding his strength or weakness by skipping these elections. He may not want to reveal his strength because that would ensure that his opponent will target him and work on him. If it is a weakness that he is hiding, any adverse results in these elections will send wrong signals to the electorate and he may become a Zero by the time of 2019 AP Assembly Elections. We will get to know only in 2019 what Pawan Kalyan is hiding.