Which Side To Take- GHMC Confusion in People Who Want to Be on Winning SideThe Greater Hyderabad Municipal Elections have become the point of discussion everywhere. The elections have become high decibel thanks to the stunning result of the Dubbaka by-election. BJP is fielding its national leaders to impress the voters.

Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao has taken the centerstage of the TRS campaign. Everyone is confused about what is happening in the minds of the voters. It is like they see BJP rising and at the same time, can not write off TRS.

The confusion is visible among the influential sectors of society. Eenadu, the highest circulated Newspaper in the state is allocating the prime space equally to both the parties indicating the same. The Telugu film industry biggies tried to keep silent for this election.

But CM KCR intelligently dragged them to his side by announcing sops to the industry. Interestingly, these sops do not come under the purview of the GHMC but still he announced to get their support. The celebrities cautiously only thanked the Government without asking people to vote for TRS.

But it appears like they are on the TRS side. The Business sector is reportedly trying to be in the good books of both parties. Many are reportedly giving election funds equally to both parties. It looks like everyone is confused about this election and may take sides only after the results.