Andhrajyothy and ABN are not in the Number One positions in the Newspapers and TV Channels of AP and Telangana. But then, often Andhrajyothy and ABN are given more importance than the Newspapers that have better circulations and Channels that have better ratings.

Probably, Radhakrishna is the reason for that importance.

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Radhakrishna and Ramoji Rao are towering Media Personalities in the Telugu Media Space. Ramoji Rao is someone who talks only through his Newspaper and Channels. But in contrast, Radhakrishna is more vocal and is the face of his Newspaper and Channel.

Open Heart, Big Debate, RK Paluku, etc are such programs with RK as face.

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He also does not believe in formalities and niceties.

Some may take it for arrogance or some may take it for straightforwardness but RK dumps questions right on the face of the guest not caring for their image or position. This is a very rare quality in the media space and hence, he himself helps in the branding of his Newspaper and Channel.

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The best example of this is KTR’s Big Debate the other day. RK has created a necessity for KTR to come to his studio and hurled questions about KCR’s unavailability, behavior, and issues pertaining to Chandrababu, Jagan, etc.

KTR has given numerous interviews in the election season but not one interview has this flavor and that makes this interview with RK special.

And that makes ABN and Andhrajyothy much more relevant than others.