Telangana survey inside story

As the calendar dates to August 19th, Telangana will gear for the biggest ever household survey which will decide the beneficiaries of all the welfare schemes taken up by the state government. At the same time, there is a panic over Telangana people staying out of the state for their studies or jobs are worried lot as they may become ineligible for various government schemes. People are trying to some how get back to their natives by that day and as a result there is a huge demand for bus, train tickets for that day. And needless to say the black marketing is at its peaks.

On the other side, people who have settled in Telangana after 1956 are also worried lot if the government is finding some way out from this survey to leave them out from various government schemes. Removing the nativity column from the survey formats could not pacify them. Since this survey is first of its kind in the country every one are not sure of what is going to happen on that day. Telangana government has declared Public holiday on that day and even banned the public transport to make sure people stay indoors.