Post the bifurcation, Seema Andhra Congress is in the worst possible shape and is on its way to register the lowest tally in its history. The party found it tough to field candidates in all the seats finally managed it some how giving chance to new comers. Now that the election campaign is to begin and the entire responsibility is on the shoulders of Chiranjeevi. He is the star campaigner for the party now. But Chiranjeevi himself is not in his best of the form in Politics. The actor who made his political debut 6 years back amid huge fanfare is now refraining from direct elections now.

He totally lost ground in his own district or the constituency he won and he is looking down the barrel. The merging of PRP diminishing the hopes of several ‘Change’ seeking people and completely failing in stopping the state bifurcation are working against Chiranjeevi now. Importantly, the actor is still defending Congress in the issue is making him a ‘State Traitor’ in the region. Chiranjeevi with this image may prove more bane to Congress then being a boon! But having said all, Congress has no other option too!