Will-Politically-Novice-Film-Celebs-Bring-Down-The-Mighty-Chandrababu-and-TDPThe image of the YSR Congress in the Film Industry has increased drastically in recent times. Small time actors have been beelining to the Opposition Party and some of them are being very active in the party. Film actors like Prudhvi and Posani have almost become the spokespersons of the party lambasting Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan.

These actors are not even worried about their careers in the industry and are risking with YSR Congress. Closer to the elections, Sakshi is getting interviews of one film celebrity per day (Like Kona Venkat, Chinni Krishna, Tammareddy Bhardwaja, Mohan Babu etc) and is trying to create public perceptions against the Telugu Desam Government.

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Even a director like Ram Gopal Varma was used to make a propaganda film like Lakshmi’s NTR to damage the prospects of TDP. The celebrities are picked in such a way that they represent each community in Andhra Pradesh so that the concerned voters can be influenced. Except for Mohan Babu may be due to his past legacy, none of these celebrities are having a happening career.

The influencing capability of them can be gauged by the fact that none of them are given tickets. They are just being used as fillers to fill the media and social media space with anti-TDP agenda and create a perception that Andhra Pradesh is against TDP. On May 23rd, we will get to know if they are successful.

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