Daggubati Purandhareeswari had been a throne in the flesh of Chandra Babu Naidu and Telugu Desam Party. She and her husband Daggubati Venkateswara Rao had been fighting against Naidu and are trying to malign him over the years. Daggubati couple have released books, CDs regarding the NTR’s backstabbing episode and are keeping Naidu in a fix since then. They are enjoying benefits from Congress party for that. Now that Congress is dead in Seema Andhra. Purandhareeswari shifted her loyalty to BJP. But she arrived at the mercy of Chandra Babu once again due to the alliance between both the parties.

She was given the difficult Rajampeta Parliament to contest. It is the toughest challenge in her career as the constituency is dominated by Reddys and Malas who are supporting YSR Congress party. TDP cadre there should support her fully so that she can give a respectable fight there. Lest she should face the first defeat of her life. She has to meet Naidu and make him forget the bitter past to avoid all this. But will she? is the question. Otherwise it will be an easy win for Mithun Reddy of YSR Congress.