YCP & BJP: Not Married But Living Together & Having KidsCPI State Secretary Ramakrishna has come hard on BJP and YSR Congress for increasing prices and taxes and levying an unbearable burden on the common man.

During the press meet, he made an interesting comment about the secret relationship between YSR Congress and BJP.

“The other day, Vijaysai Reddy is in all praise of BJP government in the Parliament. He said Modi is the savior of the country and only the country is safe because of Modi,” Ramakrishna said.

“If the country is safe because of Modi, who is responsible for terror attacks after 2014 – Vijaysai Reddy’s father? All opposition objects to his comments. Amit Shah stands up and says everyone should learn from Vijaysai Reddy,” Ramakrishna added.

“YSR Congress and BJP are not married but they are in a relationship and are also having kids. YSR Congress gives support to BJP in everything,” Ramakrishna ridiculed.

“All parties opposed Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022. But YSR Congress supported and even praised,” he added.

“Why will Pawan Kalyan get BJP’s roadmap when they are in a secret relationship? Even if they give, you will fall into a pit if you follow that roadmap,” he advised Pawan Kalyan.