gorantla-madhavYSRCP leaders have been finding the most atrocious ways to make headlines. The latest addition to the list is Gorantla Madhav.

Gorantla is caught in a turmoil over an adulterated video of himself. The YCP high command is said to be contemplating the idea of stripping him off all posts in the party.

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Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with memes and videos mocking Madhav over his condemnable acts. These memes are spreading like wildfire and they are offering great fun quotient.

The hashtag #YcpMPDirtyPicture is trending big time on Twitter and this is even trending on national level.

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This is the burning topic in the Telugu political space now and as one would expect, the Telugu Twitter space is having a field day with related trolls.

YCP is now reeling under all sorts of pressure as they are facing a whole lot of criticism in the political landscape and also online.

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