YCP NTR EventYSR Congress always tries for diversion whenever public and media glare is on Telugu Desam Party. TDP is concluding NTR Centenary Birth celebrations today at Mahanadu.

The first day of Mahanadu has got a sensational response and Chandrababu Naidu will announce the First Phase of Manifesto later today at a Public meeting.

At this juncture, YSR Congress started diversion tactics even to hijack NTR Jayanthi.

YSR Congress leaders organised an NTR Jayanthi celebration event and started the routine anti-Chandrababu rants.

The Chief Guests for the event are Posani Krishna Murali, Ali, and Ram Gopal Varma. We know why they are selected.

Even though the intention is to hijack NTR Jayanthi from TDP, they should have planned it well with some decent names.

Having the likes of Posani, Ali, and RGV for an event of NTR is like selling Cheap liquor in a foreign scotch bottle.