YCP Firebrands

YSR Congress Firebrands – Kodali Nani, Roja, Ambati Rambabu, and Anil Kumar Yadav earned unnecessary flak with their Tongues.

It’s not about criticism but the kind of language they use on the opponent made them infamous.

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Analysts say even people of their constituency are fed up with their attitude and may teach a lesson in this election.

Kodali Nani won four elections on a trot but all is not well in Gudivada for the fifth time. His opponent, Venigandla Ramu reportedly gave him a very tough competition. Ramu also reportedly did the electioneering very well.

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Nani spoke to Sakshi after casting his vote on Polling Day and disappeared since then.

Roja gave wrong signals right on the polling day itself. She gave a byte to Sakshi saying how YSR Congress’ own leaders ditched her in the election and worked for the TDP candidate. She even said YSR Congress leaders set up candidates as TDP agents.

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While Kodali Nani and Roja did not come before the media after the elections, Ambati Rambabu came twice. But his speeches have negativity all over them. He is speaking like YSR Congress is in the Opposition and the TDP is the Ruling Party.

There were doubts about Rambabu’s chances in Sattenapalli right from the start. Jagan even tried to change his seat but dropped out at the last minute considering caste equations. Looks like it backfired.

Anil Kumar Yadav is one of the first leaders from the YSR Congress to come and speak to the media. He tried to blame the Police saying that there was a heavy deployment in booths where YSR Congress is strong and barely anywhere TDP is strong. His statements appeared like he was trying to find excuses already.

Anil won from Nellore City in the last elections, he was airdropped in Narasaraopeta Parliament this time with the hope he could win with the help of BC votes. But it looks like that is not easy.

Going by the language and body language, the firebrands lost hope of winning. Except for a strong Jagan wave, nothing can save these leaders.