Chandrababu-Naidu-Amit-Shah-YSRCP-Blue-MediaFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi earlier this week. Both Chandrababu nor Amit Shah did not speak to the media and so, no one knows what conspired in the meeting.

Blue media and the YSR Congress ecosystem are giving one twist a day to this meeting almost on a daily basis.

One day, they say Amit Shah rejected the alliance with TDP right away.

On another day, they say Amit Shah demanded 100 seats for BJP and Janasena with Pawan Kalyan as the CM candidate.

And then, they also say Amit Shah never met Chandrababu because there are no pictures of the meeting.

It looks like Blue Media is doing overtime to give their best creative juices to downplay their meeting.

On one hand, Jagan says he fears no one and on the other hand, the entire ecosystem gives a feeling that they are very much worried about facing a united opposition.

TDP shook YSR Congress in the recent MLC elections. Since then, tension started for YSR Congress.

They almost came to the conclusion they will meet a humiliating defeat if the Opposition does not fight amongst each other and divide the anti-government vote. But surveys suggest that TDP alone can pull off a blinder this time.