Andhra Pradesh has seen a very healthy polling turnout in this year’s election and he hefty turnout is always a sign of worry for the ruling party. This is in tune with the general consensus that a higher polling percentage is a sign of anti-incumbency.

Incidentally, TDP Narsaraopeta MP candidate Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu has commented on the same and he has an interesting assessment of the scheme of things.

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“The AP public turned up in big numbers to the polling booths. The TDP cadres turned up their A-game and fought with their lives on the line. The ruling party misused all their power to irk the voters and the TDP cadres but this amounts for nothing. The TDP is blasting to power in AP.” Lavu said.

Lavu commented “The YCP is alleging that TDP had the polls in their favor. I am ready to give my phone data to whomever is concerned. I am challenging them to prove their allegation that I, or any TDP cadres got in touch with the police to swing the votes in our favor. I am a hundred percent confident that I did nothing wrong.”

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Had this comment come from any TDP leader, YCP could have wiped it off as an allegation. But this is coming from a former YCP MP and an educated one at it, Lavu who is versed with the mannerisms of YCP, so there is no coming back from here.