Bhale Manchi Roju ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Hits the right notes


“UA” certified 134 Minutes

Sudheer Babu Bhale Manchi Roju ReviewWhat is the film about?
Bhale Manchi Roju belongs to the crime comedy genre with all its elements in place. The basic plot is how a day in life of our lead protagonist unveils with chaos all around him in form of kidnap dramas and love.

How is Sudheer Babu’s performance?
Sudheer Babu is perfectly apt for the role which then means he just have do enough to help things move along and not spoil it by overacting. Sudheer does exactly that with an underplay act that is engaging throughout. It’s a lightweight role and nothing much can be expected in terms of grand sweeping emotional performance.

Sriram Aditya Bhale Manchi Roju ReviewDirection By Sriram Aditya?
It is the debut film of the Aadithya and one must say for the first film this is a fabulous effort. Every scene is neatly executed be it the simple one’s or chaotic. The problem here arises in form of overstaying the welcome and getting carried away by the stylish making. Some scenes are too stagey for the genre and instead of getting involved we, as audience, can see through the set up.

Leaving occasional hiccups in terms of pacing first half of the film is very good with superb interval. Things again start on promising note in the second half but soon everything seems to blow into a mess. But the climax more than makes up for all the happening from middle of second half till pre climax. It is a knockout and leaves a string positive impression when one comes out.

Wamica Gabbi Bhale Manchi Roju Review
Heroine and other artists?
Wamiqa Gabbi is good looking and perfect for the character just like the rest of the cast of the film is. She brings vulnerability required for her part with great ease and dances like a dream even though its of little duration. But the major highlight of the film is actor Saikumar playing the typical cartoonish villain of crime comedy. He is brilliant here. Following him and in fact stealing the show with his climax act is Prudhvi. He is a scream in that hilarious climax episode. Others like Venu, Praveen, Posani and Vidyu Raman do their regular acts. Posani Gopala Krishna as abusive father is hilarious in parts. Narra Srinivas shows a different dimension as actor.

Sunny MR Bhale Manchi Roju ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music for the film is provided by Sunny MR. he has given nice tunes but due to the singer’s choice they fail to make the right impact. Background score is good. Technically the film is slick with cinematography being a standout. Editing is fine. Dialogues are mostly situational but they have the fun element in it.

Dhanya Balakrishnan Bhale Manchi Roju ReviewHighlights?
Saikumar and Prudhvi

Parts of second half drag
Lack of serious stakes involved

Poasani krishna muralii- bhale manchi roju REVIEWAlternative Take
Despite all the drama, never at any point we feel serious threat or stakes involved. An alternative take would be get such involvement in the plot which would have made this is a classic in its genre.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Bhale Manchi Roju Review by Siddhartha