Jr-NTR-Nannaku-Prematho-Movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Fewer emotions.


“U/A” – 168 Mins.

nannaku prematho reviewWhat is the film about?
Krishnamurthy (Jagapathi Babu) cheats Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) and becomes a rich billionaire. How one of his sons Abhiraam (Jr NTR) takes revenge for the cheating is what the film is all about.

How is NTR’s performance?
This is settled and classy performance from Young Tiger NTR, from the beginning till the end. However the real emotional appeal comes only during the last scene of the film. It could be the way too sophisticated characterization or missing impactful scenes for hero but the performance doesn’t leave us with the lingering impact Tarak had created with Temper.

nannaku prematho reviewDirection By Sukumar?
When you watch the film all you remember at the end of it is director Sukumar along with actor. The actor is mostly remembered for his makeover but it’s the director and his screenplay that stays with one long after they have finished the. One can clearly see lots of influences in the screenplay from foreign sources, which is a bit off putting but still to give it a local twist is nice.

Coming to the good and bad, the screenplay is clear of lack of clarity that previous film of Sukumar had but this better refined screenplay unfortunately lacks the emotion of the previous. The scope for wonderful emotions is there in Nannaku Prematho but real impact is not entirely seen. People don’t remember the last film of Sukumar in entirely but certain blocks do stand out, here its exactly opposite, one can remember the complete film in its entirety, courtesy the unbelievable levels of spoon feeding and repetition, but one would be hard pressed to find the free flowing emotional blocks which the director so much emphasizes on.

nannaku prematho reviewRakul Preeth and others?
Rakul Preet Singh can proudly say she has done a film that is not merely related to skin show but some acting as well. The effort she puts on her own dubbing is commendable but it doesn’t feel right and gets irritating after a point. Jagapathi Babu is clearly enjoying being a villain. The way the character has been designed, it is both impactful and stands on ground despite presence of a star. The problem is this effect isn’t necessarily conveyed in terms of the act.

Rest of the characters in the film has limited time. Rajendra Prasad is a great addition to the cast and he too makes his presence felt despite short run time. The comedy gang is alright. Srinivas Avasarala and Rajeev Kanakala do their small roles with conviction.

nannaku prematho reviewMusic and other departments?

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is good and they have been highlighted in big way thanks to placement and picturization. Even the background score was good. Editing for a film like this would be a nightmare but it has been handled neatly. Clearly the director seems to have learned from his previous mess in this regard. Cinematography is fantastic and it gives grand look to the film. Cinematographer and director must be commended for getting such quality visuals in such short span. Dialogues are situational yet they make an impact.

nannaku prematho reviewHighlights?
Jr NTR’s act
Interval and climax
Songs visuals

Too many repetitive moments
Love scenes between lead pair

nannaku prematho reviewAlternative Take
There is too much spoon feeding going on in explaining butterfly effect, right from the titles, there is lot of repetition. An alternative take would be to cut to the chase and get to the point directly. Also the father and three son’s angle could have been further developed.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts, especially the interval and climax block.

Will you recommend it?

Nannaku Prematho Review by Siddhartha