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Routine Drama With A Message


2h 31m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Suriya - ET Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Suriya is a lawyer residing in the village and enjoying typical family life. He falls in love with Priyanka, who happens to be from a neighbouring village that has an issue with Suriya’s. Just when everything seems normal, as usual, Suriya’s life is disturbed via a heinous crime targeted at women.

What is the crime, and how does it affect Suriya? Who is behind it, and how Suriya puts an end to it is the basic plot.


Suriya, like always, is acceptable. The sincerity and the intensity shine through. However, ET doesn’t offer him a memorable role or anything. It is a typical commercial hero part that Suriya pulls off with ease.

The first half allows Suriya to revel in the family man space interacting with many people. Then there is a romance with the heroine. He goes through the proceedings clinically without breaking a sweat. The second half has the dramatic turn (it starts around interval), and then the star shifts into Jai Bhim mode. Only here, he is ready to fight (as in doing a lot of action) to reach the goal. There are many emotionally charged scenes back to back, and Suriya does them all with a lot of intensity.

Director PandirajAnalysis

Pandiraj of Kadaikutty Singam (Chinna Babu in Telugu) fame directs ET (Evariki Thala Vanchadu). It is his third back to back venture set in a village backdrop. Looking at the output, one can’t help but feel if it’s time for him to shift to another space.

The entire first half of ET until the pre-interval mark is a TV Serial. It is typical of Pandiraj’s previous works. The point here is that these sequences are supposed to provide entertainment. But they don’t. They have a very outdated vibe and are beaten to death clichés.

The clash between the village, the family sentiment, the romance, everything has a dejavu feeling. The actors who are just going through the motions doing the routine (and having seen them do the exact countless times) add to the ennui.

It is only around the pre-interval mark when the crime angle surfaces that some life is brought to the narrative. What follows next is interesting and raises hope and makes one look forward to the second half.

While not entirely unexpected, the second half shifts completely into a different tone. We are now in emotional action mode with the deplorable villain and the women’s angle. The core point is what intrigues here. It is about women not being ashamed for being the victims; instead, the abusers, harassers, the predators must feel it.

Suriya transforms into Jai Bhim mode playing an action-packed lawyer fighting for a cause. The proceedings, although not entirely refreshing, manage to hold the attention. It all goes well until the pre-climax when a stalemate is reached. As ET is a commercial mass entertainer, which literally means Evariki Thala Vanchadu, the whole thing leads to an action-heavy climax. It is, unfortunately, not handled well. Things are overdone and prolonged needlessly.

The way things are, Pandiraj has picked an exciting core subject related to women. His idea to place in a patriarchal village setup where women are made to feel ashamed and guilty is nice. But, a smooth mix of the crime drama and village setup is missing. The first and second half make for a disjointed narrative.

Overall, ET has a below-par cringy first half and a decent second hour before losing again with a prolonged climax. At best, the message and the crime drama element make it a passable watch. Give it a try if you like Suriya and don’t mind the routineness.

Priyanka Mohan - ET Telugu Movie Review Other Artists?

Priyanka Arul Mohan is fine despite getting typecast. She has a lovely presence and pleasant vibe, which is an asset to the proceedings. She also gets a couple of scenes to show her dramatic skills and is fine.

Coming to getting typecast, one can say the same regarding Vinay Rai. He plays a creepy, lecherous guy confidently. He is effective, no doubt, but nothing new about him.

The rest of the cast is typical, seen in extended family dramas set in a village. Sathyaraj, Saranya, Devadarshini and so on. They are all alright, but we have often seen them do the same.

Music Director D ImmanMusic and Other Departments?

D Imman, who has established himself as a go-to choice for any village-based outing, is not surprisingly the music director. The music of the film is so-so, and their placement is decent. The background score is loud many times but is alright and better than the music. One of the top cinematographers, Rathnavelu, is roped in by the makers for the village-based entertainer. It is a passable work from the lensman, given the high standards he has set. The editing is decent. Ruben could have cut down on some needless melodrama. The writing is par for the course.

Sathyaraj - ET Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?

Core Women’s Angle
Second Half


TV Serial Drama In First Half
Uneven Tone
Prolonged Climax

Saranya Ponvannan - ET Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative Take

Better integration and exploration of village patriarchal mentality with that of the core crime issue.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Huge Reservations

ET Telugu Movie Review Review by Siddartha Toleti

Final Report:

The second half of ET feels better than the cringe first half, mainly due to Suriya. He goes into Jai Bhim mode, and the narrative focuses on the women’s angle instead of the routine village drama. Watch out for our review coming soon.

— Again, the climax is very routine and predictable but with a much needed message about women’s safety. Final report shortly.

— The second half of ET is better. The entire episode where Suriya and his wife’s intimate video gets leaked executed well.

First Half Report:

The first half of Suriya’s ET is a Mega serial on the big screen. We get some interest via the ‘women angle’ only towards the interval. A lot depends on how it is handled in the movie’s second half to see where ET ends.

— Suriya goes on a killing spree followed by a very brief village flashback. A typical hero intro song for Suriya before the story begins.

— ET show started. Streaming partner SunNXT.

Suriya’s ET Movie Review, Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review

Tamil star Suriya’s new film ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu) is all to hit the screens on March 10th. It is a theatrical release for Suriya after two back to back OTT outings.

Suriya not so long ago had a good market in Telugu. However, in the past few years, he has lost it due to the poor choice of big event movies. Only 24 worked to some extent. The problem was over-ambitious classy mass fares which were neither here nor there. Finally, after a gap, he is returning to roots with ET, which looks like pucca mass fare.

The impact of market deterioration is seen via the weak advance bookings, to say the least. However, it is here that mass movies and stars have an advantage. If the film gets the right talk, there would be a quick jump. Suriya would be hoping something similar happens in his case.

Pandiraj directs ET. He is in form and has picked a subject that is his strength. A success here would not only give Suriya a break but also elevate Pandiraj’s status as a director to the next level.

The casting with Priyanka Arul Mohan as heroine. The familiar mass set-up and elevations and grand production values are all its selling points. They would all come in handy if the movie gets the right talk.

M9News, as always, will bring you a ‘First-On-Net’ ET Telugu Movie Review (Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Review), genuinely and honestly. Watch this space for our updates.