The stage is set for the big game between Royal Challengers Bengaluru and Rajasthan Royals today in the first eliminator game today and the stakes are high on the same.

In view of the game, a shocking new report is trending on social media.

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The game is scheduled to be played in Ahmedabad today and there’s a major terror threat to the same.

Incidentally, four people with possible terrorism threats have been detained by the police a short while back. These individuals are being investigated by the police.

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Shockingly, the opening practice session of RCB has been halted in view of the terrorism threat and this has resulted in doubts on the game in itself.

While there is no immediate threat for the postponement of the game due to this threat, the onus is on security forces to make sure no untoward incidents happen today. The game is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM.

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