Indian Students

Previously this year we witnessed a great deal of Indian students taking admission in foreign universities, specifically in Canada and the United Kingdom.

India is a diverse country with lots of exposure, but for greater opportunities and great goals Indian students gravitate towards universities abroad.

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But, when we came to this year’s Summer times, when most of the universities abroad offered internships and jobs for students, the Ivy League colleges were unable to give internships let alone the Indian students, who were applying for an internship for 6 months and still couldn’t crack it.

It’s fair to say that companies are very much inclined towards locals rather than Asian people.

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And if we talk about the Visa problem students have faced from India to get an admission in the UK universities then the argument can be a lot longer.

But this year UK Universities are facing a significant loss over 21,000 less applicants applied for the UK Masters program for this year.

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Indian students are now hesitant to apply to UK universities for Master’s degree due to stricter visa regulations implemented earlier this year, because this visa will restrict them from sponsoring their families and also it’ll be a hassle for them to change their Visa into work visa until they finish their studies.

Anuj Gupta, CEO of Youngrads said, “ This will impact UK universities financially, as they rely heavily on tuition from international students to fund teaching and research across various subjects, not just business and management.”

A significant portion of this decline is at the Master’s level, more than 15% drop happened during 2023 December and because of the migration regulations. Mainly because of the Visa clampdown this downfall took place.

With the rapid change of visa policies Indian students are now hesitant to apply in UK universities, with India’s strong ties to the UAE and plans to establish IIT and IIM campuses there, Indian students now have more appealing options closer to home.