White House Down

Hollywood has given us many films dealing with an attack on the White House. We can say that for some people these movies are more than just entertainment and a source of inspiration to do something as crazy as this. An Indian national in the USA has pleaded guilty to attacking White House. This might sound like a movie plot but the person actually wanted to ‘seize power’.

The Indian national who is a permanent resident in the United States used a rented truck to attack White House. As per reports, he wanted to overthrow the democratically elected government and replace it with a Nazi style dictatorship.

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The 20 year old was charged with destruction of federal property but a charge of terrorism was also added in his plea agreement. The reports say that he said to the authorities that he would even kill the president if that’s what he had to do to seize power.

The prosecutors have agreed to seek an 8 year sentence for him. He has been in jail for a year now while the case is in the court. His attempt to overthrow the government might not be as strong as the villains in the Hollywood movies but nevertheless interesting.

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