Telugu Students Stabbed Multiple Times in Fremont, California, USA

In a horrifying incident on November 17, 2023, two Telangana students, Khalid Bin Masood and Syed Shadan, were brutally stabbed multiple times in Fremont, California.

The attack, perpetrated by Miguel Angel Villareal, occurred while the victims were innocently buying soft drinks at the Fremont Hub. The assailant, with a history of criminal activity, targeted them without any apparent motive.

The victims, both engineering students from Telangana, are now facing a long road to recovery. Khalid, who underwent multiple surgeries, remains in the ICU, while Shadan, lucky to escape with his life, is traumatized by the sudden and violent assault.

The families, shocked by the incident, are struggling emotionally and financially. A fundraising campaign has been initiated to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, living costs, and educational fees for these students who, without jobs, face additional challenges.

While the motive behind the attack is still unclear, there are suspicions of a hate crime, especially considering the victims’ Muslim identity. However, the police are not currently treating it as such, citing a lack of evidence meeting the penal code definition.

The aftermath of this brutal attack leaves the victims physically and emotionally scarred, raising questions about the safety of the community and the urgency for comprehensive action to prevent such incidents in the future.