USICS Janasena Pawan Kalyan YSRCP Tweets YouTuber

As we reported, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena supporters on social media platform ‘X’ made numerous posts against a Telugu YouTuber in the U.S. who created a political analysis video criticizing their favorite hero.

A flood of tweets emerged, tagging USCIS and DOL departments, questioning how this individual can post YouTube videos and earn money while on an H1B visa.

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Some fans even went further by emailing the YouTuber’s HR in the U.S., tracing his job through his LinkedIn profile.

However, what these individuals are ignoring is that flooding USCIS and other immigration departments will not only draw attention to this YouTuber but also increase scrutiny on all other H1B visa holders, regardless of their affiliations.

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USCIS is already imposing tough measures with numerous queries for H1B extensions and visa renewals.

These individuals may do it as harmless fun or just another trolling episode, but they fail to realize the ripple effect it will have on all H1B visa holders and MS students.

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