Disney, Hulu, and FX, the trifecta, managed to create the first big gun of the year, and this is definitely the hottest title on the market. Some even find resemblance with prime television’s product Game Of Thrones. Shōgun is undoubtedly a strong heir to the legacy.

Shōgun hits all the right spots for fans by assembling a cast that is probably as grand as GOT. The show manages to get the best out of them. In terms of technical aspects, the show comes out flawlessly, but keeping the enjoyment factor in mind, Shōgun gets a perfect grade.

Though Disney managed to disappoint when it comes to advertising and broadcasting the show, the studio definitely makes up for it with the quality of the product. It doesn’t lose its identity amidst the vast cast. Also, though the show managed to target the English-speaking audience, it is very much rooted in Japanese culture and doesn’t shy away from using their native language.

Talking about the plot of Shōgun, an English sailor, John Blackthorne, is thrust into 17th-century Japan’s political turmoil. Shipwrecked and imprisoned by samurai, he navigates a hierarchical culture, serving Lord Toranaga to survive. As he delves into power struggles, Blackthorne becomes pivotal, shaping his fate and the nation’s.

Besides the interesting plot and grand storytelling, Hiroyuki Sanada stands out as the gem. The star managed to impress in John Wick 4, but here, he shines like the sun. Cosmo Jarvis and Anna Sawai excel, overcoming the fear of being eclipsed.

If you miss the thrill and grandness of Game Of Thrones, Shōgun comes out as a must-watch. And if you’ve never experienced such content, it is definitely a now or never time.

Shōgun is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, and in terms of critical appreciation and ratings, the show is unparalleled. With a 9.3 rating on IMDb and 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, Shōgun can replicate greatness and definitely sit on the throne.