Harish Shankar Chota K Naidu

As the saying goes, there will be several factors behind a disaster. Same applies to the film industry where the creative hands of several principal technicians are involved with the making of film. But the majority of the blame falls on the director, who is the captain of the ship.

Coming to the topic, a trivial fight has now blown up between Harish Shankar and cinematographer Chota K Naidu and it has to do with NTR’s disaster film, Ramayya Vastavayya.

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Incidentally, Ramayya Vastavayya released some 10 years ago and a new discussion has now restarted on the film.

Incidentally, Chora K Naidu, the cinematographer for the film commented that Harish Shankar dug too deep into the visual aspect of the film and implied that this could’ve been the reason behind the debacle.

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“I work with my own principles usually. But Harish Shankar barged in with his own ideas in the case of Ramayana Vastavayya. He tried to give too many inputs for the visual presentation side of things which ultimately didn’t work.” Chota said.

This video clipping of Chota then went viral on social media and later, Harish Shankar replied by saying “it has been 10 years and both Chota and I gave many interviews in this period. Chota has spoken countless times about me but not once have I responded. He’s dragging the issue too far now.”

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But if we speak about the bare facts here, it is Harish Shankar’s job as the director of the film to deliver a winning product with all the hype he had on him after Gabbar Singh. Hitting back at the cinematographer now makes for little sense.

On Chota’s part, dragging a 10 year old disaster to take a dig at Harish is not wise. But that’s his nature as he usually does talk a lot about many things.

But essentially speaking, what Chota and Harish are doing now with their trivial fight is just provide entertainment to the viewers and not a single bit more.