This summer has been blatantly wasted by Tollywood superstars as not a single star-driven film released this holiday season. The only two notable releases were Tillu Square and Family Star and they too are done with their box office run.

What follows is a 30-day dry run for Tollywood with not many interesting options. We have Prathinidhi 2, a political film releasing on April 25, and that is about it. Then we have Gangs Of Godavari featuring Vishwak Sen which is releasing only on May 17.

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The only notable release of whatever capacity next is Gangs of Godavari and this is also a good month away.

The postponement of Kalki from May 30 to a different date has meant that the only star film of the summer season has also moved out. This has eventually resulted in a super dry period with not even mention-worthy options for the larger section of the audience.

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The next superstar film is only Pushpa 2 which is scheduled for August 15. Barring Gangs of Godavari which is a month away, Tollywood will see a super dry run for the next many weeks.